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Joyce Madeline Richardson

And the Renshaw Family


Joyce Madeline Richardson (nee Renshaw) Mum to Janet, Elaine, Robert & Vanessa

Joyce Madeline Richardson (nee Renshaw)

Joyce Renshaw married Ronald Richardson on December 22nd 1940 at The Parish Church in Awsworth Nottinghamshire.  Joyce was 21yrs and Ron 27 years. He was a Derrick driver, residing in St Budeaux, Devon, at the time of their marriage.

Ron’s father Robert Richardson and Joyce’s father Mark Renshaw were both Innkeepers. Ron’s parents Robert Richardson 24yrs and Ada Cooper 23yrs married on 30th May 1899 at Sutton on Derwent, Yorkshire. Her father’s name was Charlie Cooper.

Joyce lived with her parents and brothers and sisters at the Jolly Colliers inn in Awsworth. (No longer there) Many of Joyce’s brothers & sisters also went on to have their own public houses. Her mother Mary Ann Renshaw (nee Booth) and father Mark Renshaw were married on 4th October 1896 at the Parish Church in Ilkeston. Marks father was Levi Renshaw Mary and Mark had 13 children.

Ron Richardson was bought up at a public house in Yorkshire, The Cross Keys at Sutton-on-Derwent and moved to this area and worked at Cossall Colliery, Ilkeston.

Ron and Joyce had 4 children, Janet, Elaine, Robert and Vanessa

They moved to the Old Black Horse, Mapperley village, in 1947 but Ron continued working at the colliery during the day and then in the pub in the evening. Joyce ran the pub during the day and also in the evening.  This was very hard work with 4 children.

Joyce and Ron did a lot of fund raising for the community and would always be having raffles so that every year the children in the village could be taken on outings to the pantomime or seaside. They also raised enough money to give the pensioners a meal every Christmas too.

Joyce would always tell her children to always look after the young and the old.

The Black Horse used to have show gardens and won many awards. This was in the time before Ron & Joyce became landlord and landlady.  Mr. Beer was the previous owner. The show gardens are now a car park.

When Mapperley was organising its 700th Anniversary of the Granting of a Royal Charter in 1267, to be held on May 27th 1967, the NCB (National Coal Board) donated a massive lump of coal for a guess the weight competition and placed on the Old Black Horse car park. It was 9 feet high,5 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Joyce was never one to miss an opportunity and this was the last large lump of coal mined within the Parish of Mapperley.

The winner who guessed the correct weight of 1 ton 19cwt 56 lbs donated the lump of coal to the pensioners of the village for their coal fires.  Joyce’s family broke it up and delivered it.

Joyce died suddenly in 1970 at the age of 51 yrs.  Ron left the colliery to manage the pub full time and was assisted by Elaine until he retired in 1979 after 32 years at the pub. The locals organised a wonderful party for him with many, many gifts and everyone was very sorry to see him leave.

Ron remained in the village and continued helping by doing voluntary work, keeping footpaths clear, hedges cut and the churchyard grass mown.

Ron died after a very short illness in 1994

Elaine Sarson (nee Richardson)



Joyce Madeline Richardson



Wedding of Joyce and Ron Richardson



Joyce & Ron's children. Right to Left - Elaine, Janet, Vanessa in high chair, Robert



Joyce (2nd from left) and Elaine (3rd from left) with friends in London



Joyce's mum (Mama) Mary Ann Renshaw (1880 - 1958)



Joyces mum



Jolly Colliers Inn, Awsworth. Home to the Renshaw Family from 1923 - 1959



Mama at Jolly Colliers Flower Show


Mamma and Granddad with 11 of their children
Back Row = left to right
Ernest - Mark - Levy - Herbert (Tiny)
Front Row = Left to Right
Elizabeth - Mary - Mamma with Joyce - Granddad with Eileen - Reg - Allan - Dennis

They had 13 children in total but two lost their young lives, Alma and Joan



Wedding of Aunty Liza to Uncle Gart Walker. Photo taken outside The Jolly Colliers. Left of Uncle Gart is Aunty Mary. Back row centre is Uncle Allen Renshaw with Aunty Nancy in front of him and at the side of her is Mamma.



Mary Ann Renshaw (Mamma)

Mary Ann Renshaw (Mamma)



Jolly Colliers pensioner's Christmas Party. Front row left, Joyce and Mary with Mamma sitting behind them. Next to Mamma is Pete Renshaw's grandmother from his mums' side, Mamam Evans. Front row right is Mrs Robinson and Mrs Louise Chapman who owned the beer off in Awsworth. Photo circa 1947-50


Mary and brother Herbert Arthur (Tiny)


Mary and Tiny with brother Allan playing the piano.


Fancy dress on Coronation Day 1953 at The Jolly Colliers. John Marshall (son of Mary) front left with back towards camera. Wounded boy behind him Pete Renshaw (son of Tiny). This was not just fancy dress as Pete had actually broken his arm! As well as bunting, the railings at the front of the pub were painted red, white and blue.

Left Mr Wheelacre, then Mamma with vase of flowers. Man with flat cap is Tommy Sturgess. We believe this was taken at one of the pubs Horticultural Shows.

Front row left to right. Aunty Doll, Aunty Nancys 2 sisters Dulcie and Nona Cadman.  Second row left to right Aunty Nancy (Uncle Allens wife)  Mamma, then lady with trilby Mrs Muir and Bessie. Last 2 on back row left, Mrs Chapman and Uncle Tiny.

Left to right round the table Nancy Renshaw, Uncle Reg, Aunty Doll, Uncle Tiny, Uncle Mark, Uncle Bill,
?, Joyce (mum)

Left to right - Jill Renshaw (Pete Renshaws wife), Mary Marshall and Pete Renshaw.

My very sincere thanks to Pete for the last 12 photographs shown above and the accompanying information.

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