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December 2014
It was a lovely surprise to see my school photo on your wonderful website. Well done.
Diane, Australia 


28 Jan 2014

Hi Elaine

Web site is really impressive and a good framework for future information which should hopefully grow significantly over the years.

The best 25 years of my life were spent in Mapperley and it would be marvellous to meet up with anyone from this era for a chat about old times.If you are thinking of holding further social evenings I would certainly like to come along.

(See reunion information) 


8 Jan 2014

Thanks for a very interesting and impressive website. I spent a long time on there but I can't be sure that I've seen it all. 
George Pearson appears on a photo; he was the training officer at Mapperley around 1950. I have an undated wall chart of the shafts in the old Eastwood No 5 Area and includes Mapperley. For that reason I thought that it might be of some interest to you. It is about 2ft square and not in very good condition. I have photographed it for you. Click Here
Alan B


Aust28 Dec 2013

Fantastic web site Although I didn't live in Mapperley I often visited on my bike as a Child ,pedalling on the footpath from Shipley Common Lane over the railway and up the fields . My mother still lives in Shipley and would be interested in the Web site I now live in Lancashire but regularly visit Shipley.

Keep up the good work.

Andy T


23 November 2013

Saturday Social organised by Elaine Sarson and held at The Old Black Horse with free buffet
Provided by money from the old Social Group. Saturday November 23rd 2013

Thank you for inviting us to yesterday’s event.

You must be pleased with how successful it was. It seemed more like a family gathering and we enjoyed talking to Joan and Pat from Coachways and Pauline who lives next to the old Vicarage.

Mu & Maurice


10 Sep 2013

I have just watched the Mapperley History DVD (A Surprising Village) it was absolutely brilliant.



28 August 2013

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Mapperley film. Very professional, and I am always amazed at how much interesting history you manage to dig up. I think, deservedly, you will earn a fair sum for the cancer fund. Liked the evacuee segment. I can see Audrey Bowers as if it was yesterday.......

Pam Hobbs, Canada.
Author and 1940s evacuee.


12 August 2013

Hi Elaine
Have just watched the DVD-soooo poignant. Needless to say I really enjoyed it but also learned lots.

Thanks for all the hard work but also hope you makes loads of money for your fantastic charity.

Lyn Reeve


12 July 2013

Congratulations on producing such an interesting and professional site on the history of Mapperley, about which I have fond memories. Being a "foreigner" born and raised at Poplar Farm, West Hallam, I used to cycle through Mapperley as an 11 year old boy to go fishing at Mapperley and Shipley Res. Always a landmark for me was the "new" church with its modern triangular design, so very different from our old St Wilfred's Church in West Hallam. It seemed quite a long cycle ride for me at that age, particularly on one occasion when I had reached the lake and realised that I had forgotten to strap my fishing rod to the bike!

I'm now living in Canada so it was nice for me to take a trip down memory lane and I'll share your website with my two sisters, Jean and Brenda.

Thank you for the memories.
From Canada

(Read Roy's Memories)


7 July 2013

What a fascinating web site, so much information and photographs. I used to visit the village some years ago for  Sunday lunch when Bet and her husband ran it.

Cheers, take care.

P Taylor


Afternoon Tea in aid of Leukaemia Research & Cancer Research 15 June 2013

Congratulations to Elaine and her team on organising such an enjoyable event last Saturday. Obviously a great deal of hard work and thought went into producing an afternoon tea in authentic style, with china tea cups and an amazing selection of sandwiches and delicious cakes. Thank you for all your worthwhile efforts.
Mu Maurice & Graham


23 Mar 2013

Hi Elaine you might not remember from years ago but I lived in Mapperley village with my parents and my grandparents lived at the Coachways. I have been looking at your website and it is wonderful, full of very happy memories for me. They were the best years living in Mapperley. Please keep in touch and well done on the website. xx Tina


3 Mar 2013

A well deserved vote of thanks to Roger Wood for a most enjoyable talk on Simonfield last Friday evening. His carefully researched information was presented with characteristic enthusiasm and Mapperley is very lucky to have the attention of such a skilled local historian. Thanks also to Elaine for making such events possible.

Mu Stubbs


3 Mar 2013

Would like to thank you for your hospitality at the talk on March 1st.
Enjoyed finding out even more about the village area.
Congratulations too on a very good website.

Gordon Shaw. West Hallam


30 Jan 2013

Hi Elaine,

Thought you might like to know that as I type this, our pupils are using your site to carry out some research!
One of students has put some questions for them to research using your site.

Kind regards,

R J Cripps

Mapperley Church of England (VC) Primary School,


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