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Aug 2016

It was a real pleasure to meet up with you and visit your lovely village. As we drove through the village, each house seemed steeped in history and made me try to imagine what life was like for the families that lived in them in the 17th and 18th century. It was like going back in time and wondering if we would meet up with an old farm labourer or collier walking home after doing a hard day’s work. When you stop and think, there must be lots of history to learn in your lovely village, and thanks to you Elaine I have read many interesting articles about your village and its history on your Mapperley History Project. It is also nice to read the interviews you do with the elders of the village, recording their memories, we all say "Why didn't we ask our parents and grandparents more". The internet offers lots of information but personal memories are priceless. Thank you for a beautiful day, Elaine.



Feb 2016

Astonished at the amount and quality of material you have gathered for Mapperley Village and its inhabitants.

I cannot imagine how much effort you have expended.



22 January 2016

Have just come across the website and it has kept me busy all morning, well done!



21 January 2016

We often look into your lovely, friendly, interesting, History Project; it is really good and a real credit to you and your team.

Thank you also for the DVD, it arrived this afternoon. Really pleased with it , it is very interesting and informative of your lovely surroundings and of course, for a very worthy charity. It has been put together very well and we have enjoyed watching it and it will be nice to look at again and again.

Alan S



Hi Elaine,
We have lived in Mapperley for a few months now and we have often looked at the History of Mapperley Village site even before we moved here. We both find the site very interesting and applaud you for all you have done and what you are still doing regarding this.

Kind regards

M & R


AustOctober 2015

Hi Elaine I am actually in the pictures of my school class there is a boy on the back row, listed unknown he has dark curly hair and his name is Ross. 
I did live at the candlesticks.  My grown up kids now want to know about their ancestry.

I think it is a great website and it was a great surprise to see my primary school photo.

Best wishes



AustAugust 2015

I have just come across your website and how interesting. In particular the lovely story about my family.

Brian - Australia


AustAugust 2015

My nephew came across your website and was an evacuee in Mapperley and I am on one of the school photographs.

Bob - Australia


AustJuly 2015

Hi- I have just acquired the original photograph of one you have on your site and I can supply you with the background to the photograph.

Bob - Spain


December 2014
It was a lovely surprise to see my school photo on your wonderful website. Well done.
Diane, Australia 


28 Jan 2014

Hi Elaine

Web site is really impressive and a good framework for future information which should hopefully grow significantly over the years.

The best 25 years of my life were spent in Mapperley and it would be marvellous to meet up with anyone from this era for a chat about old times.If you are thinking of holding further social evenings I would certainly like to come along.

(See reunion information) 


8 Jan 2014

Thanks for a very interesting and impressive website. I spent a long time on there but I can't be sure that I've seen it all. 
George Pearson appears on a photo; he was the training officer at Mapperley around 1950. I have an undated wall chart of the shafts in the old Eastwood No 5 Area and includes Mapperley. For that reason I thought that it might be of some interest to you. It is about 2ft square and not in very good condition. I have photographed it for you. Click Here
Alan B

P4 p2

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