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Newspapers - 1970s - Page 2

Brenda Law Alison Parkison Julie D'Este Mandy Clarke Helen Durow Jesse Thornley Dominic Stone Joan Law Joan Waterfall Betty Glover Ed Hubbard Donna Reeve Katie Skinner Brian Durow Tina Hawley Martyn Cooke

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Brenda Law - Alison Parkison - Julie D'Este - Mandy Clarke - Helen Durow - Jesse Thornley - Dominic Stone
Joan Law - Joan Waterfall - Ed Hubbard - Betty Glover
Donna Reeve - Katie Skinner - Tina Hawley - Brian Durow - Martyn Cooke

Cinderella had a ball in Mapperley Parish Church on Friday: and Saturday.
The church; was packed with around 125 people each night for two performances by the apperley Village Players. Production went very well and will probably be followed by a similar event next year.
The cast was: Vocal chorus, Thursday Club members Doris Davies, Muriel Durow, Janet East, Betty Glover, Mabel Martin, Harriet Riley, Doris Smith and Jessie Thornley; augmentation, Bruce Allen, Nora Czypak, Doris
Pringle and Christine Woodward: soloist, Celia Stone; Cinderella, Becky Stone; father, Phil Carter; step-mother, Janet East; Matilda, Joan Law; Charlotte, Joan Waterfall; Buttons, Ed Hubbard; clowns, Ivor Pearson, Julie D'este, and Phil Carter; children's chorus, Timothy Birkin, Deborah Cooke, Tina Hawley, Linda Hubbard, Dawn Hutchinson, Marie Marsden, Janine Pearson, Sarah Pearson, Donna Reeve, Katie Skinner, Pippa Stone; herald, Brian Durow; Prince Charming, Bill Skinner; Bandini, Dominic Stone; Fairy God Mother, Betty Glover; page boy, Timothy Birkin; Teddy boy, Phil Carter:dancers,- Mandy Clarke, Julie D'este, Helen Durow, Brenda Law, Alison Parkinson, Mark Pearson, Daryl Pritchett, Richard Skinner and Caroline Woodward.
The script and song lyrics were, by Ruth Allen; choreography Celia Stone; production, Ruth Allen; pianist, Charles Stone; fanfare written by Harry Doughty and played by Martin Cooke; song harmonics, Muriel Durow;
stage hands, Trevor Durow and Phillip Ogden:
lighting by Walt, Bromley & Ed & operated by Molly Skinner; make-up artists & dresses, Julie Douglas, Helen Durow, Brenda Law,Brenda Law, Jean Marsden, Christine Redgate ,and Becky Stone; prompt, Pat Gould; wardrobe Doris Pringle, Christine Redgate, Kate Robinson and Celia Stone; sign writing Lois Lowe; publicity, Hazel Coleman and Kate Robinson; photography, Olive Beckett; refreshments, Carol Purdy and Christina Woodward; programmes Doris Pringle and transport Phil Carter And John Robinson.

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