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Roger Wood

5 Nov 2015

A big thank you to Brenda for allowing her valued work to be published on this great web site.  As a Local Historian myself I can appreciate the amount of research that she must have done to achieve such a wonderful archive. Seeing Brenda's work shows the importance of photographing events as they happen today. We often take for granted what is present today, thinking that it will always be here. But I always try to encourage our young "West Hallamites " and "Scargillians" that it is important to photograph and record any event. Even if you think it is a trivial event at the time. Also remember to date and name any photographs and reports. Remembering the names of all your school colleagues in twenty years time can prove to be a difficult challenge.

Again thank you Brenda and Elaine for sharing this great archive.

Roger Wood.



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