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Notes From Parish Magazines

Notes from Mapperley Parish Magazines 1903

1903 Holy Trinity Monthly Magazine
The Vicar was the Rev C E Lane, B.A
Churchwardens Mr W Gamble and Mr J Fletcher
Clerk Mr Thornley

January 1903

Holy Baptism

  • October 3rd 1902 - John Arthur, son of Samuel and Rebecca Durow
  • October 3rd 1902 - Ethel, daughter of William and Lily Durow
  • November 2nd 1902 - Thomas Stanley, son of Henry James and Mary Jane Downing
  • November 2nd 1902 - Ethel, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Ann Derbyshire
  • August 6th 1902 - Charles Edmund Lane to Annie Churchill Toone Churchill
  • October 13th 1902 - Frederick Chilton to Lilly Stone
  • November 25th 1902 - Florence Mary Hawley, aged 10 months
The vicar appeals for support of this new Monthly Magazine

February 1903

Holy Baptism

  • January 4th 1903 – Arthur Walter son of William Edwin and Mary Ann Ford
  • December 25th 1902 – Joseph Simpson and Nellie Hodgkinson
A concert was given in the schoolroom on the 22nd and 23rd December 1902. The concert commenced with a pianoforte solo by Mr Downing. Then came the first performance of the Mapperley Pierrot Troupe composed of Messrs Cook, Derbyshire, Hart and George Thornley, with Masters T Durow and V Martin. After a reading by the Vicar there was another first performance by The Mapperley Brass Band consisting of Masters Appleyard, D Beer, Dilks, B Martin, A Pounder, Simpson, W Thornley and H Thornley, armed with Bigotphone instruments. They wore white jackets with a red sash and a military looking hat.

March 1903

A Parish Tea was held in the schoolroom on New Years Day with over 60 attending with the tables being presided over by Mesdames Cameron, Beer, Fletcher, Lane (assisted by Miss B Durow), and Thornley. This was followed by entertainment by the scholars of the Parish Church Sunday School, arranged by Mrs Lane.

Miss May Moon gave two pianoforte solos and Master T Durow sang two songs.

An account was given of the newly formed Mapperley Cricket Club. Mr E M Mundy, Esq. D.L., J.P expressed his willingness to be the President of the Club. Mr Derbyshire was appointed captain and Mr Watchorn vice-captain.


  • January 26th 1903 – Horace Edwin Wint Watson, aged 18 months.
Advertisements in the magazine were for the following:-
  • Lockyer’s Hair Restorer
  • Callard & Bowyer’s Butter-Scotch
  • Cadbury’s Cocoa
  • Reckirr’s Paris Blue

April 1903

Holy Baptism

  • March 8th 1903 – Hannah Maria, daughter of Harry and Mary Jane Wint
  • March 8th 1903 – Francis Harold, son of Samuel and Alice Ann Riley
Miss Lamb’s second annual concert took place on February 12th and was a great success with senior scholars and infants too presenting songs and recitals.

The Lord Bishop of Derby held a Confirmation Service at the Parish Church on March 18th. There were 19 candidates – 12 from Mapperley and 7 from West Hallam.

May 1903

The Mapperley Church Choir gave a second concert on the Wednesday in Easter week. It commenced with the second appearance of our Pierrot Troupe. The programme concluded with a short play.

The first cricket match is to take place on Saturday May 2nd 1903

June 1903

The cricket club were victorious in the two that they played – Hallam Fields Reserve and Belper Pottery.


  • May 25th 1903 – Alice Sherbourne, aged 19 years

July 1903

Sunday School Treat
The treat commenced with service in the church, after which the scholars walked to the school and a bountiful tea was partaken. After tea the Mapperley Colliery Ambulance Band played.

August 1903

Choir Festival
The annual service was held on Sunday, 26th July. The collections throughout the day amounted to £2 3s and with Mr Mundy’s kind contribution of £2, it was decided to spend the annual outing this year at Scarborough, on Saturday 1st August.

September 1903

Choir Outing to Scarborough
The journey started from West Hallam and took and took about 5hours and three quarters. Some went for a sail and fished, then there were the Pierrots, the Aquarium and the sands but we did not see any motor cars.

Holy Baptism

  • July 5th 1903 – Florence Lilian, daughter of Charles and Sarah Ann Hopcroft.
  • August 2nd 1903 – Bertie, son of Geoarge Edward and Charlotte Hawley.
  • August 4th 1903 – Joseph, son of Thomas and Ann Hartshorn
  • August 1st 1903 – Albert Beardsley, aged 10 months
  • August 6th 1903 – Emma Derbyshire, aged 28 years

October 1903

The season is now over and a supper will take place at Mr John Beer’s (This would be the Black Horse)

Holy Baptism

  • September 6th 1903 – Rose Hilda, daughter of William and Emma Derbyshire.
Holy Matrimony
  • September 19th 1903 – John Gregory Moore to Sarah Amelia Hawley
  • September 22nd 1903 – Maria Slater, aged 49 years

November 1903

Holy Baptism

  • October 11th 1903 – Evlene, daughter of Horace and Gertrude Wint
  • October 11th 1903 – Annie Elizabeth, daughter of James and Caroline Lavinia Bowley
  • October 11th 1903 – Harry, son of James and Caroline Lavinia Bowley
  • October 11th 1903 – James, son of James and Caroline Lavinia Bowley
  • October 13th 1903 – Ann Hawley, aged 59 years
  • October 22nd 1903 – William Else, aged 71 years

December 1903

Holy Baptism

  • November 1st – Vera Ida, daughter of Henry and Florence Marion Durow


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