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Notes From Parish Magazines

February 1980


  • Hilda Hartshorne died 21st December 1979, buried 24th December 1979, aged 79 years

May 1980

Lois Margaret Lowe (Head teacher at Mapperley) tribute following her sudden death. (See the full tribute written by Bill Skinner in Memories Lois Lowe) Lois died 10th April, cremated 16th April, aged 55 years

July 1980

Notice the Lois Lowe Memorial Concert to be held Friday 4th July. “ A Treasure Chest of Entertainment”. Proceeds to purchase amplifier for Church

September 1980


  • William Leanard Greatorex died 22 July, buried 25 July, aged 62 years

December 1980


  • Dorothy Alice Hobson aged 85 years, died 11th November. Buried 17th November
  • Ada Winifred Hawley aged 71 years, died 25th October, cremated 29th October.
Mapperley P.C.C thanks the P.T.A for purchasing audio equipment in memory of Mrs Lois Lowe.
The P.C.C is in the process of installing emergency lighting in the church and fireproofing the sanctuary curtains



Notes From Parish Magazines

April 1981

Burial Of Cremated Remains

  • On 25th February of John Ralph Godbehere aged 68 who died on 12th February (from Wirksworth)
  • On 11th March of Edward Marsden, following service in church, and burial of ashes at Mapperley on Friday 13th March. Died 6th March in hospital after many years of suffering.

May 1981

Holy Baptism

  • Elizabeth Joy Allen 5th April

December 1981

Burial Of Cremated Remains

  • Harriet Hilda Kirk aged 85years of The Grove Shardlow. Died 1st November, buried 7th November
This was the last magazine of its style (A5) produced in type and printed by John Moorley. From January the new style will be printed in West Hallam by Michael Gregory and be a smaller A6 size on glossy paper and include photographs for the first time.



Notes From Parish Magazines

February 1982


  • Amy Morgan dies 31 January 1981, buried 7 January 1982, aged 84 years.

June 1982

Straws Bridge

November 1982

Holy Baptism

  • Russell Cooke 10th October
  • Jane Isobella Monks. 15th October. Aged 84 years

December 1982


  • Jess Jaroslaw Harasym aged 57 years who died on 4th November and buried 9th November
  • Edward Henry Thomas age 80 years who died on 8th November and buried 11th November


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