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Notes From Parish Magazines

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  • Allan Roy Balchin and Susan Elaine Thompson

April 1970

50 years in Mapperley choir
Frank Marsden
During the Mothering Sunday Service, Frank Marsden was presented with a pewter tankard (one pint) in recognition of his 50 years as a choirman.

Frank reckons that he can now safely call himself a native of Mapperley, and that this presentation represents people’s forgiveness for his bad lapse (the short time that he lived in West Hallam )!

Congratulations then to Frank, and all the very best for the next 50 years.


  • Carole Anne Woodward
  • Mark David Johnson

June 1970

Old Mapperley – Exhibition, Mapperley Church
This exhibition put on by the school to mark 100 years of state education, was a great success. There were some most interesting “bits of Victoriana” – photographs, maps, clothing, newspapers, china, instruments various bits and bobs, brought in by local people.

Thanks to Mrs Foster, Miss Bland, Mrs Hogg and the children, for their hard graft, imagination and enthusiasm, and all those people who loaned their precious and fascinating objects.

July 1970


  • Stephen Beardsley


  • Edith Anne Reed

October 1970


  • Phyllis Slack

November 1970


  • John Robinson



Notes From Parish Magazines

January 1971

Rev Joe Martin and his wife Margaret, children Patrick. Jevon and Adam left the Parish. They moved to the North Riding, Hutton Buscel, on the edge of the North Yorks Moors, about 6 mils from Scarborough. His Institution by the Archbishop of York was on January 20th at Wykeham Church.

There was the opening of the new infant building at Scargill School around this time but no date was included in the article which appeared in the January 1971 magazine

Dawn Lisa Hutchinson
Roy Alexander Langman

March 1971

Three weeks ago fifteen villagers met together, to talk about the new use of the church now that the seats are moveable. Topics of conversation ranged far and wide, some relevant, some not, but here, one hopes, is a fairly factual summary of what was said and what was decided.

There was divergence of opinion on the need for an altar screen now that Holy Trinity is a dual - purpose building. However, it wasn’t designed with this in mind, and this would make it difficult to design a screen that would look right.  Of course, even if, for instance, there is a square dancing one evening, the rest of he time it is quiet and empty for anyone who would wish to be there alone.  There was little support for the two-faced attitude of parishioners who never go to a church service but who object to its being used for secular activities.

Christianity is people meeting people, living together, working and playing together. The village hasn’t yet a village hall, but it now has the use of the church for the same purposes. Activities suggested were: Whist drives, square/country dancing, film shows, badminton, table tennis, Darby and Joan Club. All that is required is permission from the P.C.C. which would almost certainly be given, and payment for the electricity used.

In connection with publicity, several people said they didn’t know what was going on in the village; a notice – board, in a central position, was suggested to improve the situation.

But fifteen people are only a fraction of the village, and it is important to know what the rest think. There will be an open meeting in school on March 25th. It is hoped to have notice of this in the Ilkeston Advertiser so that a large number of people will know about it.
R Langdon

Clerk to Mapperley Parish Council
Applications are invited for the post od Clerk to Mapperley Parish Council. Salary £15.00 per annum. Please apply to Joseph Wood 1 The Coachways, Mapperely Derby.

Suffer the little children
WANTED: More juniors to attend Mapperley Sunday School. We have the teachers – what we need now is more pupils. Please send your children along this Sunday.
Ruth Allen.

April 1971

A letter was printed from Rev Ken Vorley sending everyone very good wishes for Easter and hoping to join this parish soon. Date of his move not yet known.

Mapperley Parish Council AGM March  10th
Summary: One item on the agenda was to discuss the Rate (council tax) for the coming years. The clerk explained that when the pit was in use it contributed two-thirds of the total and there had thus been a big drop in the total when it closed.

This year’s expenditure was estimated to be £120, mainly the cost of running the street lamps but this time to include a new gate and repairs to the roundabout on the recreation ground. The rec. belongs to the Miners Welfare, but is in the process of being transferred to the parish.

A motion was approved to site a new street lamp by the Royal Oak at a cost of £35. £5 would be left over which would be spent on a notice board.

Rev. William Harold Vaughan
The Rev. Vaughan was the Vicar of Mapperley from 1945 to 1951. At his retirement in 1957 he returned to live in Ilkeston, and then in 1964 returned to Mapperley to live with his daughter. For some years he was a great help in the Ilkeston Deanery until he became too ill to get about. Mr Vaughan, whose loss will be felt by many, died on April 21st, aged 83 years. A service of remembrance was held at Holy Trinity Church before cremation at Markeaton.

June 1971

Mapperley Churchyard
Summary: At last we have a Faculty to level all the mounds and remove some of the kerbs. The work is to be done by volunteers starting with the front half which would hopefully be completed by September, in time for the Induction.

October 1971

The first letter written by Rev Kenneth Arthur Vorley who had been here for just three weeks along with his wife Anne.
Gordon Bevan covered during the Interregnum.

The Service of Institution by the Lord Bishop of Derby, the Rt Revd C W J Bowkes, took place at Mapperley on Thursday September 2nd.   Rev Vorley’s previous parish was St. Oswald’s Ashbourne.  

November 1971

Baptisms October 10th

  • Andrew William
  • Vincent Arnold Geoffrey
  • John William Henry, sons of William and Christine Barratt.

Holy Matrimony

  • Christopher John Tivey to Patricia Greatorex - October 23rd

At Rest

  • Gertrude Boam, aged 75 years - September 27th

December 1971


  • Jayne, Pamela and Christopher Leonard Norman - November 14th

At Rest

  • Rose Amelia Hawley, aged 74 years - November 13th


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