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New Millennium - 2010

Notes From Parish Magazines

February 2010

Mapperley Social Group – next event ‘Know Your Village’ by Roger Wood


  • Stefan Czypak Died: 4 Jan 10 aged 89

Mapperley Parish Council resolved to write to AVBC because they had supported Mapperley in 1980 to retain access for local people through Shipley Lane and there had been no change in policy since but the lane is now closed.

March 2010

Mapperley Parish Council confirms their planning policy review.  They are to generally oppose development where it could be detrimental to the community, to oppose infill or changes to existing buildings. To encourage the retention of community facilities. Allotments and parish features.

All policies can be viewed by contacting the Clerk to the PC

August 2010

Holt Trinity Garden Party held in July was a huge success and raised £1,200

Mapperley Social Group announces the next events – Race Night 16th October, Christmas Coffee Morning December 3rd and Carol Singing round the village on 15th December.

Mapperley History Projects next event is ‘Know Your Village 2’

September 2010

The Bob Hartshorne Memorial cricket match was held in memory of Bob who died last year (2009)

November 2010

Mapperley Social Group announces that Ilkeston Brass Band will accompany then whilst Carol singing round the village on December 15th



Notes From Parish Magazines

January 2011


  • 17th October 2010. Olivia Tice

February 2011


  • 19th December 2010. Isabella Alice Millay Moss

Mapperley Parish Council report that Shipley Lakeside (former American Adventure site) planning application by Waystones is still under consideration.

Pay and display at Mapperley pond car park

March 2011

Mapperley History Project event ‘Know Your Village 3’ in the church followed by a meal in The Old Black Horse which was a sell out

May 2011

MPC report that Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have taken over the outer areas of the American Adventure site and confirmed that Slack Road would not be an access route.

June 2011


  • Marie Birkin Died: 31 Mar 11 aged 77
  • Edie Pearson Died: 11 Apr 11 aged 95
  • (David) Roger Sarson Died: 11 Apr 11 aged 66

July 2011


  • Keith Parkinson Died: 20 May 11 aged 71

October 2011


  • Rachel Louise Hatfield Died: 20.8.11 aged 38

  • Charles Edward Barratt Died: 30.8.11 aged 82



Notes From Parish Magazines

May 2012


  • Peter Roper Died: 1 Mar 12 aged 68

June 2012

Mapperley History Project events for the coming months – Know Your Village Family Fun Day August 18th and a film show about Mapperley Colliery on October 12th

A Look At What Was Happening In Mapperley In 1967

Not only was 1967 the 15th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne but it was also the year that Mapperley celebrated the 700th anniversary of the granting of a Royal Charter on May 27th.

The Parish Magazine advertisers that the event would be held on the recreation ground. There would be the opening of the stocks, various displays, parades, country dancing, and a band, a TV strong man (Bert Royal), Punch & Judy, piano smashing competition, refreshments and a deer roast.  On the Sunday there was a special anniversary service at Holy Trinity.

On the day the weather was awful, thunder, lightening and rain! That didn’t stop everyone turning and having a great day. Two lines in the magazine article of June 1967 are worth repeating. “The Vicar (Rev Joe Martin) nicked his son’s ‘genuine panama’ and vowed that the rain was all in the mind!”

“The sun didn’t smile, but the people did.”

Mapperley History would like to congratulate Queen Elizabeth 11 on reaching this milestone Diamond Jubilee and wish you all a happy Jubilee weekend.

(Go to 1967)

August 2012

Holy Trinity Garden Party raised £814. The event was held in the church due to the wet weather

Holy Matrimony

  • 21st July Adam Spear and Rosemary Woodward

October 2012

Holy Matrimony

  • 14th September – Kevin Raisin and Rachel Moss

Mapperley History Project
Well that told them!........
In the 1903 August issue of the Holy Trinity Mapperley Monthly Magazine, the Vicar – The Rev C E Lane.  B. A.  wrote;

A gentleman once wrote a book on Iceland, in which there was a chapter entitled “Snakes”, and all the chapter contained was this:- “There are none” We have just the same remark to make in reference to the “acknowledgements” of which we spoke in last month’s magazine. We had rather hoped that those who were not able to be at Church the Sunday the collection was held, would have liked to send in a contribution.


  • Doreen Elizabeth Barratt Died: 11 Aug 12, aged 83

November 2012


  • Walter James Law.  Died: 5 Nov 12, aged 80


New Millennium - 2013

Notes From Parish Magazines

March 2013

Tributes paid to Philip Millard who was Head teacher at Mapperley School 1990 – 2007 and who had recently passed away quite suddenly.

May 2013

Rev’d Simon White leaves May 19th to become vicar at Tideswell after 14 years

July 2013

An Afternoon Tea held on 15th June and organised by Alison Quinn and Elaine Sarson raised £500 for Leukaemia and Cancer Research.

August 2013

Holy Trinity Garden Party held on June 6th July raised £1000

September 2013

Mapperley History Project held a History Walk on 7th September from Coppice Field Farm to Mapperley Brook and on to Mapperley village

December 2013

Elaine Sarson’s Mapperley History Project held a Coffee Morning at The Old Black Horse on 4th December. Also other events were held to raise funds for Leukaemia Research in memory of (David) Roger Sarson.

A ramp has been installed to the entrance of Holy Trinity Church.


New Millennium - 2014

Notes From Parish Magazines

January 2014

2014 being the 100th Anniversary of WWI an addition 'In Memory World War I and World War II' added to the website

The audio system in Holy Trinity has been upgraded

February 2014


  • Janet Mary Trueman Died: 4 Jan 14 aged 69  March

Mapperley History organised a reunion in the Old Black Horse on 5 April for anyone who had lived in Mapperley or attended the school

April 2014

Mollie Skinner recognised for her 50 years service delivering the West Hallam And Mapperley Church And Community Magazine in Mapperley village

Mapperley Parish Council attended a meeting on 17th March to discuss the loss of the village bus service


  • Gladys Wint Died: 31 Jan 14 aged 94

June 2014

Mapperley History WWI concert took place on 14th June and was a great success

July 2014

The Holy Trinity Garden Party held on 5th July raised £750. The event had to be moved from the garden of Mrs Barbara Tanner to the church due to wet weather.

September 2014


  • Alan Joseph Wood Died: 4 Aug 14


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