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Notes From Parish Magazines

Jan - Feb 1960


  • December 6th 1959. Eric, son of Eric and Barbara Ann Fowkes

April - May 1960


  • Feb 28th - Michael David, son of Arthur Reginald and Pamela Washington


  • April 19th  Annie Mabel Lowe, aged 76 years


  • April 29th  William Durow, aged 84 years


  • May 1st  Beverley, daughter of Derrick and Margaret Holmes

May - June 1960


June - July 1960

Mapperley Notes from Parish Magazine June - July 1960 by Rev G C C Spencer


June 12—Mr. H. Durow.
June 19—Mr. W. Skinner.
June 26—Mr. D. Leedale.

Altar Flowers

June 12—Mrs. G. Durow.
June 19—Mr. F. Marsden.
June 26—Mrs. R. Richardson.
July 3—The Sunday School.
July 10—Mrs. W. Hawley.

May Fair at the School

The pupils of the School made a remarkably good thing of the May Fair they organised on Friday, May 20th, in the school premises. Everything was tastefully arranged and there was a great deal of interest shown by the Village. The purpose was to help World Refugee Year and a sum of £29 was earned by this means for the Refugees. We congratulate Mrs. Foster and the pupils on an excellent piece of work.

Holy Communion

I would be glad if parishioners would revise their habits of attendance at Holy Communion. Very little spiritual gain can come from chance and widely separated attendances at any religious service — unless it be some kind of shock to one’s conscience. This is particularly true of the sacrament of Holy Communion which requires to be received regularly and relentlessly.

While I am writing of this service may I say that I think while we are in the new building we can revise our custom of ALL the com¬municants at the altar rail kneeling and rising together. There were good reasons for this in the old building, but with the length of the present rail, and the adequate room in the choir, there is no reason why we cannot adopt the usual practice of rising from our knees when the next person but one has communicated.


July - August 1960

It was decided that the Sunday School outing would be on Saturday July 16th to Skegness

School Transfers
The following children are going on to the Secondary Schools.
Carol Thornley, Leslie Hawley, Judith Martin, Wendy Robinson and Susan Thompson

August - September 1960

Mrs Foster organised seniors outing to Chester and smaller children to Newstead Abbey.

September - October 1960

Holy Matrimony

  • August 21st  - John Roger Cooke and Margaret Elizabeth Lodge
  • Denley Pickering and Hazel Mary Cooke

October - November 1960

Holy Matrimony

  • September 10th - Derek Hinds and Marjorie Beryl Peacock
  • October 1st - George Norman Clarke and Jennifer Martin


  • September 3rd Joseph William Isam, aged 59 years

November - December 1960

Holy Matrimony

  • October 8th - Walter James Law and Joan Gould

Notes extracted from old copies of the West Hallam and Mapperley Church and Community magazines.

Elaine Sarson 2014


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