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Notes From Parish Magazines

Easter At Holy Trinity


Easter at Trinity Church with 35 communicants was in keeping with the standards of former years. We think more could have come and indeed, ought for their own well-being to have come, but we hope those who came to our services were able to find expression for the joy and hope of the Easter message as they know it to be. May the same occur at Whitsun.

The total amount collected in the Lenten Boxes was £3 12. 1d, and this sum has been given to the Church Missionary Society. We would like to refer the people of  Mapperely to a notice on another page announcing C.M.S. meetings in Derby on Monday, May 19.

Ascension Day, Thursday, May 22

Celebration of the Holy Communion - 9 a.m.
Evensong - 6.30 p m.

The Bells

At last we have installed the Bells again, and their sound goeth forth!  Mr. Copson, of Ilkeston, has done the wiring at a cost of £6 17s. 0d. The Bells are now run by electricity from the main supply, and there is no further need to worry about charging and maintaining batteries.

The Annual Vestry Meeting

At the Vestry Meeting held on April 16, the Churchwardens appointed for the year were Mr. G. W. Hawley and Mr. R. Martin. We ought not to announce the new names without at the same time thanking the former Wardens Mr. Hawley and Mr. Fletcher, not forgetting that they carried on during an awkward period when there was no Vicar. We hope the new wardens will have the support of the parishioners, and will devote themselves to helping forward the work and witness of the Christian Church in Mapperley.

The neat Parochial Church Council Meeting has been arranged for 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 28, in the Day School.

The Church Repair Fund Committee

As the former Committee lapsed at the end of the year a new one has been appointed by the new Church Council. The present one consists of the following: Mrs. R. Martin, Mr. M. Martin, Mrs Andrew, Mr. and Mrs. Leedale, Mr. F. Marsden, Mr. Pearson. A meeting of this committee will he called for Wednesday, May 14.

Whist Drive

The Church Council are running a Whist Drive on Friday May 9, at 7 p.m., In the Institute, and we hope their efforts will be well supported.


Easter 1952

The Vicarage

I have decided that the Vicarage at Mapperley should be offered for sale and to this end I have obtained the consent of the Patron, the Diocesan Dilapidations Board, and the Church Commissioners. It is redundant. Lacking electric light and main drainage, and with a large unkempt garden, it is beyond the means of any clergyman who might in the future be required to reside in the parish. The poor condition of the interior and the plumbing, in addition to the disabilities already mentioned, make the letting of the house to a suitable tenant at an economic figure extremely difficult, if not well nigh impossible.

The house could be a very nice residence, and we hope that is what it will again become. A considerable sum of money will have to be expended on restoration of the garden and modernisation of house, and we must hope that if the Parochial Church Council agree to the sale, the purchaser -whoever that may turn out to be - will be able to restore it fully.

The Churchyard

We are endeavouring to make arrangements for the cutting of the grass in the churchyard. Will those who have graves of relations, please try to keep the grass cut on and around the grave space? It will be a great help. It may be possible in the future to open a churchyard fund, the purpose of which will be to pay for cleaning the churchyard and to introduce improvements in the way of flowerbeds. Will parishioners please bear in mind that no permanent vase or memorial may be placed in the churchyard without the agreement of the Vicar. This is a legal matter and the need for such a safe guard will become clear after a moment's thought.

Sidesmen's Rota



9 a.m.
5.30 p.m.

Mr. R. Martin.
Mr. D. Leadale



9 a.m.
5.30 p.m.

Mr. Marsden
Mr. Simpson



9 a.m.
5.30 p.m.

Mr. Hawley
Mr. Mummers.



9 a.m.
5.30 p.m.

Mr. Simpson
Mr Hobson


Church Repair Fund

The Repair Fund has at the moment a balance in hand of £20 . 7 . 8d. The appeal for a Half-Mile of pennies which began in the summer started well but the response has not been so good  during the last month. So far we have only travelled about 500 feet.  The use of the foot-of-penny cards has fallen off considerably. Now that the autumn has begun let us make renewed attempts to progress further. May we remind everyone that in the past year we have renovated the Vestry and re-decorated it, and that we have repaired and reinstated the equipment connected with the bells, and that we have brought electricity into the church. All this has cost somewhere in the region of £70, and has been paid for. That is where previous donations have gone. What lies ahead is more expensive, and relates to repairs to the actual fabric of the church itself.

The Repair Fund Committee have decided to hold a Whist Drive on October 31st  and we hope this will have the usual good support from the village. Other projects are in hand.

Church Day School

It is with regret that the School Managers have to report that the Local Education Authority has told them it is no longer possible, for reasons of economy, to cook the meals served to the schoolchildren in our own canteen kitchen. The meals will now be brought in containers from a central kitchen. The Managers do not like the change, and made a vigorous protest, but the Local Authority is unable to alter its proposals : economics must be made.

Remembrance Sunday

November 9th, 1952

This year it is Mapperley’s turn to receive a visit from the local branch of the British Legion and to hold their annual Remembrance Day Service in the parish church. The service will be held in the afternoon at 3 p.m. on November 9th, and the preacher will be the Chaplain to the branch, the Reverend W. G. Cook, Vicar of Stanley.

Annual Meeting

The annual parochial Church Meeting will be held on Friday, January 10th at 7:30 p.m., in the Day School for the purpose of receiving the Annual Balance Sheet and for other statutory business. It is sincerely to be hoped that you will all make a particular resolution tobe present.

Christmas Carol Service

This was a pleasant and enjoyable festive occasion, and the boys girls of the Sunday School and choir sang their carols with enthusiasm and read their lessons from the Bible clearly and well. We were glad to see an increase in the number of the congregation on last year's service, and we hope this means that there is an increasing interest in the village.

The Vicarage

The Vicarage was sold by auction on Tuesday, December 9th, forr £1,260 by the Vicar with the consent of the Bishop, the Diocesan Dilapidation Board, and the Church Commissioners.

To many parishioners this seems to be a shameful loss, and it is plain that one must regret the passing of a kind of local landmark: the house will remain, but it will no longer be the Vicarage. It is necessary however, to keep clearly in mind that the house was at no time the property or under the jurisdiction of the church council. The house was property belonging to the incumbent and held in trust for him and his successors by the Church Commissioners. Built in more spacious days by a kindly benefactor, it has become like so many other parsonage houses—out of date because the income of succeeding vicars has been inadequate to heat, decorate and improve the property. The payment by church councils of dilapidate assessments for necessary repairs, and of rates, is a necessary financial assistance given by the parishioners to the living costs of their minister. Such payments do not give the church council any claim upon the house, but are in the nature of financial help to the . . .


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