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New Millennium - 2000

Notes From Parish Magazines

May 2000


  • George Hawley died March 7th

August 2000

Derbyshire County Council has announced that they are to close the Bridleway between Mapperley and Shipley to motor vehicles for longer periods. At present the gates on the lane are locked between 9am 7pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays. It is now proposed to close them between 9am 5pm Mon Fri and 9am 7pm on Sat for a year's trial.




Notes From Parish Magazines

April 2001


  • Alice Redgate 7 February

May 2001

An article titled "Rosella’s Time".  See Memories Pauline Czypak



Notes From Parish Magazines

February 2002


  • Florence Marsden 24 December 2001 aged 83



Notes From Parish Magazines

May 2003

A first report by Mapperley Parish Council - covering the work done by the Parish Council over the year. This included campaigning against the opencast mining and the proposed extension of American Adventure.

August 2003

A report on Holy Trinity annual Garden Party held at Bob and Barbara Tanners, 1 Main Street. Mapperley School head Philip Millard opened the event. 714 was raised

December 2003


  • Chelsea Mae Quinn Sunday 28th September



Notes From Parish Magazines

January 2004


  • The ashes of Brenda Wragg, nee Law, were interred in Mapperley churchyard on 25th November 2003.
    Condolences to her young family and her parents Joan and Walter Law.

November 2004


  • Delia Mary O'Tremba. Died: 5 October 2004, aged 80

December 2004


  • George Pearson. Died: 26 Oct 2004 aged 91



Notes From Parish Magazines

May 2005

Extract from the West Hallam and Mapperley Church & Community Magazine 2005

Official Opening of Mapperley Recreation Ground May 7th 2005 - A derelict sports ground has been transformed into a community recreation facility. Join the community to celebrate the official opening. Free Event Venue Mapperley Recreation Ground 11am 11.30am

Official opening of Mapperley Recreation Ground. May 7th
The derelict sports ground has been transformed into a community recreation facility by the Mapperley Community Project. It includes a play area, picnic area, path around the field and benches for relaxation. Over 40% of the village’s population saw the opening. The first phase cost £32,000. Phase two is being planned.

Mapperley Parish Council continues to oppose the Lodge House Opencasting

Monitoring of traffic through Shipley Country Park continues

Model aeroplane flights continue to breach planning conditions, end of Slack Lane in Woodward’s field

July 2005

Personality Profile - Kath and Bill Ogden. See Memories Ogden family

August 2005

£950 was raised
at the church Garden Party held at Bob and Barbara Tanners home, 1 Main Street.

December 2005


  • Christine Margaret Barratt. Died 25 Oct 2005, aged 58



Notes From Parish Magazines

January 2006

February 2006

May 2006

June 2006

August 2006

Go Know Your Village - Mapperley Lodges


  • Mary Wood. Died 13 June 2006, aged 99 years
Mapperley church garden party. £900 was raised on the day.

September 2006

October 2006

November 2006

December 2006



Notes From Parish Magazines

February 2007

March 2007

Go Know Your Village - Village Wheelwright

June 2007

Go Know Your Village - Bygone Transport Systems The Nutbrook Canal

Reverend Gordon Charles Craig Spencer died on April 3rd aged 93.
More about Reverend Gordon Charles Craig Spencer

Know Your Village

Bygone Transport Systems The Nutbrook Canal

Taken from Parish Magazine of June 2007

The Nutbrook Canal Act of 1793 authorised the building and maintaining of a navigable canal from collieries at Shipley and West Hallam, joining the Erewash Canal at Stanton. Chief promoters were Edward Miller Mundy of Shipley Hall and Sir Henry Hunloke of Wingerworth Hall near Chesterfield. He became owner of West Hallam by deed of gift from Henry Powtrell, who was married to Ann Hunloke, aunt of Sir Henry.

The canal built 4 ½ miles long, had 13 locks, numbered from the Erewash junction, two arms were cut from the main navigation. One of these, the Hunloke branch can still be seen situated in the field on the south side of the A609. (Opposite the entrance to the Straw's Bridge car park). A tall hawthorne hedge identifies its route. Straw's Bridge was named after Samuel Straw, the canal overseer who lived in a cottage near the bridge which took the main road over the canal.

Three reservoirs supplied water to the canal. Shipley reservoir was the old original lake situated at the head of the canal. The new Mapperley reservoir was built as a second main supply. Like most canals it was troubled with leakages, subsidence and drought, the 1850's being the longest period of below average rainfall. Trying to solve this water shortfall resulted in building a third smaller reservoir, Hawley's Pond. A Dam wall 100 yards long was built of stone rubble, spanning Mapperley Brook, thus creating a large holding pool. This overgrown area, built to the east of Mapperley Lane can be seen today.

Roger Wood

Nov 2007

War Memorial
 Mapperley Colliery War Memorial which was salvaged from the social club on Station Road West Hallam
has now been erected beside the main War Memorial in West Hallam village.
The Roll of Honour is dedicated to the 66 men who lost their lives in the 1914-18 war.



Notes From Parish Magazines

January 2008


  • Henry Barratt Died: 19 Nov 07 aged 80
  • Jim Miles Died: 29 Nov 07 aged 81

June 2008


  • Olive Miles Died: 1 May 08 aged 83

November 2008

Mapperley Social Group announced their first two events. November 14th a Beetle Drive in the church hall and December 17th Carol Singing round the village


  • Hadrian Durow Died: 26 September



Notes From Parish Magazines

January 2009

The Avenue of Limes leading to Mapperley Church have recently been pollarded.  It was estimated that the trees had not been done for 45 years.


  • Norah Czypak Died: 6 Dec 08 aged 85

February 2009

Mapperley Social Group report on the village carol singing success with sufficient funds raised to treat all senior citizens to a carvery meal at The Old Black Horse

March 2009


  • Doris Smith Died: 19 Jan 09, aged 91

A report from Mapperley Social Group on their Bingo Night success which took place on 6th February. The next event being a talk and film show by Roger Wood ‘Over the Stile’

July 2009

Mapperley Social Group report on the children's free event held in the church with free refreshments and a children's entertainer. They also announced a free event for the teenagers to the bowling alley.

August 2009

Holy Trinity Garden Party held on 4th July at the home of Barbara Tanner raised £1,016

October 2009

Events organised by Mapperley Social Group for the rest of the year include a bingo evening, Live and Local ‘Christmas Carol’ show, Carol Singing round the village, Coffee Morning and a free senior citizens meal.

November 2009

Mapperley Parish Council report includes concerns of access to parishioners following the closure of Shipley Lane
They also report on the bids made to AVBC for the old American Adventure site


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