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Notes From Parish Magazines

February 1984


  • 19 December 1983, Harriet Riley who died 15 December aged 72 years

May 1984


  • 19th May Simon Charles Turl and Jenny Ellen Hunt

June 1984


  • Gladys Barnard, died 29 April, buried 2 May. Aged 56 y

July 1984

Reports on Mapperley Country Fayre held on June 9th 1984. The first event of its kind since 1967.

November 1984

Rev Frank Smith announces he is leaving our Parish after 6 ¾ years and moving in the New Year to St Peter’s, Henleaze, Bristol. The date of his Institution is Saturday, February 23rd.

December 1984


  • Frederick J T James, aged 69years, died 10 November, cremated at Bramcote following service in Church, 15 November



Notes From Parish Magazines

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February 1985

Mapperley Social Club report that they arranged for 16 young children to see Jack and The beanstalk at Nottingham Playhouse. Also, 40 villagers enjoyed a Christmas meal at The Black Horse paid for by the Social Club.

Carol singing round the village raised £52.

Many plans are in place for the rest of the year.

March 1985

Mapperley Social Club announced new swings; play frame, five-a-side goal posts and nets and two park seats have been purchased out of the old Community Group funds.

The new Rector and his family – the Revd Ted Lyons, will be moving from Bestwood Park to West Hallam after Easter.

April 1985

A report appears announcing that the old Woodside Colliery would become Britannia Park

May 1985

Mapperley Social Committee invites everyone to An Evening of Entertainment on 4th May and a Country Fayre on 8th June

July 1985

Mapperley Community Group update following the very successful Country Fayre raising £587.89

August 1985

Mapperley Community Group invites everyone to its Garden Party on 17th August at 1 Main Street.

October 1985

Mapperley Community Group; £325 was raised at the 17th August Garden Party.

A Mablethorpe trip organised for 1st September saw 2 coaches full of Mapperley men, women and children depart for a day out at Mablethorpe.

November 1985

Mapperley Community Group organise a Social Evening at the end of November and village carol singing on 20th December and a pantomime is in the making for January.

Parish Register for Mapperley
No entries were shown in 1985



Notes From Parish Magazines

January 1986

Mapperley Community Group report having raised £2600 over the last 18 months, all of which was used to sponsor many events for the village.


May we start by wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year, and hope that you also had a very enjoyable Christmas.

The start of a new year not only makes us look forward to the year ahead and the events we hope to plan, but also to reflect on the year past and what was achieved. The aim of our group is to encourage, support and generate projects we hope will maintain or improve the quality of life and community spirit in our area.

Since the formation of our group 18 months ago, we have raised by various fund raising events, £2,600. This has been used to sponsor events such as social evenings, the bonfire party and fireworks display, a pantomime outing for children, a seaside trip for the village, Christmas gift vouchers for teenagers, Christmas lunch for senior citizens, VE Day celebrations, Valentines Day disco and a Family Fun Night. Donations have also been made to our village school, church, mother and toddler club and Ladies Thursday Club.

Our AGM will take place on Tuesday 18 February and elections for Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will take place. Would anyone wishing to be elected please attend the meeting in the church at 7pm. The book of accounts will be available for inspection during that same week at the Treasurer’s.

Before this date the group will be assisting our Drama Group in their pantomime The Beauty and the Beast which is being held in the church on January 16,17 & 18. Have you got your tickets yet?

We also intend to hold a 60ies night on February 14 in the school, complete with disco, food and bar. Dig out ya miniskirts girls!

Elaine Sarson, Secretary and Treasurer.

(Note - in addition Gift vouchers/lunch for pensioners £184, Donation to school £50, Purchase of seat for Mapperley Lane £116)

June 1986

A FOLLOW ON - With reference to the article about Mapperley in the May magazine may I make the following observations?

According to records in the Derbyshire Assize Rolls Simon de Arden received a grant of the Manor of Mapperley on 28 May 1267 having married the heiress of the Mapperley Lordship. In 1276 he and his wife sold it for £200 a large sum in those days. And well he might, for three years after his settlement an attack was made on his home by Ralph de Crumwell, Lord of West Hallam who, assisted by his men entered Simon’s manor and threw down his gallows by force of arms. Simon’s seat was at ‘Park Hall’—so named from its ancient status.

In 1969-70 I was a member of an archaeological dig under the direction of Mr Alan Palfreyman and organised by Ilkeston and District Local History Society. The objective — to find the site of Simon’s Manor.

As Park Hall Lane is still known as Simon Lane and Mapperley Colliery known as Simon Pit, and adjacent fields known as Simon Fields it seemed logical to look nearby. After one false start we discovered traces of a moat at Park Hall Farm and with the kind permission of the owner, Mr Morgan, commenced to dig up his farm-yard. We were able to establish that Park Hall Farm was indeed the site of a moated fortified Manor house almost certainly that of Simon de Arden. Furthermore the site had been continuously occupied since the 18th century. The original well, 700 years old, still supplied water for farm purposes. As well as the moat a Wooden defensive palisade was found, probably to keep out wild animals as well as the West Hallam ruffians. Artefacts relating to four distinct phases of occupation were found and identified with the help of the Ministry of Public Works and Buildings.

A full record of this excavation was published by the Ilkeston & District Local History Society in 1970.

It is highly improbable that the chapel now incorporated into a house near the Church, was in any way connected with the Manor house at Park Hall Farm. Private chapels were part of, or close to, the houses they served. As Mapperley did not have a Church until comparatively recently this chapel may have been a resting place for travelling ecclesiastics. In other words—a chapel of ease.

Have you noticed what a lot of footpaths lead from Mapperley in the direction of Kirk Hallam? These were the byways down which countless generations of Mapperley's inhabitants went, each Sunday, to their place of worship, Kirk Hallam Church. A statutory obligation in those days of course. What a trek it must have been for the elderly and infirm.

I have happy memories of Mapperley in the 1920's. My Uncle/Guardian, Charlie Rose, was a deputy at the colliery for 25 years, on permanent night shift. Sometimes as a special treat he would take me with him as he went to draw his wages on a Friday afternoon. But first he would stop and buy me a bag of toffee from Mrs Boam’s shop in the village. Things have changed a bit since then.

Jean M Barber, Treasurer: Ilkeston & District Local History Society.

June 1986


  • James William Isam aged 68 years died 3 May buried 9 May
Article by Jean Barber - Simon De Arden Received A Grant Of The Manor Of Mapperley On 28 May 1267

July 1986

Work has been completed at Holy Trinity by the Erewash training Service, including the whole decoration of the church and repairs made to the vestry roof. The cost of the materials being covered by funds raised at last years garden party organised by Mapperley Community Group.

November 1986


  • May Hooper died 30 September aged 74 years. Buried 6 October.

December 1986


  • Constance Mary Wood dies 27 October aged 75 years. Buried 3rd November.


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