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Notes From Parish Magazines

A Short Biography Of The New Rector ( Rev Joe Martin)

He is Staffordian by birth, from Sandon in the Trent Valley. Educated at King Edward’s School, Stafford. Two years Stafford College of Art, one year Malvern College of Art and two years National Service with the Royal Engineers. After leaving the Army he spent one year with a small engineering firm.  In 1958 he went to Bishop College, Cheshunt, was made a Deacon in 1960, ordained priest in 1961. First parish as a Curate at Caterham, Surrey for 3½ years.

Interests: all sports but mainly soccer and cricket, art photography, “things” mechanical, music, history and gardening.


  • Rebecca Durow - December 16th 1966

February – March 1967


  • James Fletcher aged 73 years No date shown

March – April 1967

Vicars Warden - Mr. W. Hawley, 2 The Coachways
People's Warden - Mr. B Skinner , Mapperley Village, also Secretary of the Church Council.
Verger - Mr R. Marsden, Shipley (formally of Mapperley village)

Flowers listing - Mrs Joyce Richardson, Mrs Crooks, Mrs Wood, Mrs Isam, Mrs Pearson,Mrs Durow, Mrs Smith, Mrs M Martin, Mrs Skinner, Mrs Miles, Mrs Redgate.

The Death of a Pit (in Derbyshire Dialect)

“ Ta’e thi time Sam, ta’e thi time” shouts Bill Newman.”Ah might as well keep thi company on ah last walk hom”. “It’s just as well, Bill” replied Sam Bonson, “Ah thowt tha’d gone off early lad.”

The two men had worked at “Simon Pit” for the last 50 years, and had walked together (barring sickness and accident) through the fields from Heanor.

“I’nt it lovely nah, Bill?” says Sam, “after that wet morning” “It is an’ all,” replied Bill. “We s’all soon be at Daffy Dilly for t’last time nah, an ah’m tae’in some o’ them primroses an’ violets wom ta t’missis, as ah spotted this morning.”

“Ah well, tha’ wants ta thank t’Lord tha’s got one ta goo wom tow” says Sam, “Mine’s bin gone four years nah, tha knows, an ah’m dreadin’ bein’ at hom alldee, bi missen, nah that they’ve finished us!”


  • Samuel Durow aged 97 years

June – July 1967

Mapperley Charter Celebrations 27 May 1967

Taken from the West Hallam & Mapperley Magazine  June/July 1967

They went with a bang. In fact, lots of bangs….and the lightening flashed and the thunder rolled and the rain sheeted down, up went the brollies and those little fold-away plastic hoods. A few plastic bags that had once sheltered cakes and such like were pressed into service. The Vicar nicked his son’s ‘genuine panama’ and vowed that the rain was all in the mind!

The sun didn’t smile, but the people did. We are an odd race.

When we put our mind to something hell or high water does not deter us. We were determined to enjoy ourselves. As Bert Royal (the wrestler) put it. “A great day”.

The Morris Men performed – made you sweat just watching. But what a cheerful bunch. Pretty fit too. And the piano race was a smashing affair. One chap was so keen that he finished up with his arm in a sling. And asked why he was helping to sweep up afterwards (one- handed) he replied “Well we all might as well help” I think perhaps that summed up the spirit of the helpers and performers.

But all sorts of things pleased all sorts of people. One lady was in her seventh heaven. “I’ve got Bert Royal’s autograph” was all that you could get out of her. Another lady’s day was made when Captain Drury–Lowe allowed to sit in his Rolls.

We could possibly plant rice in the car park. The Vicar gave a hand with the ploughing – got stuck, even with Town & Country tyres on the back!  Didn’t you notice that blue cloud hovering for a while? One of the Archers came to his assistance. Vicar’s not sure whether it was Dan or Philip!.

Time passed. Rain fell. One or two clay pigeons got away. And praise be for the marquee and the clean straw provided. The venison rolls were great. And as for that barrel – pardon me whilst I make special noises (smacking of lips and appreciative sighs heard) – a drop of good stuff that!

So we must depart, And we go with music in our ears – the silver band at one end of the marguee and the Group at the other. There was something for everyone. It was a right good do. So, thank you all, you who worked to make it such a success.  Thank you.

Last impression of Mapperley –a very wet but still cheerful Special Constable finishing his spell of point duty at the crossroads. He deserved a pint too. So, too, the rest of his colleagues, who did a grand job without seeming to be there. “A great day”


  • Mary Jane Stenson Aged 78 years - 25th May 1967

July – August 1967

Holy Baptism

  • 4th June - Deborah Ann Fry
  • Scott Alan Hutchinson
  • Celia Elizabeth Johnson
  • Alison Jane Parkinson

August – September 1967


  • Harriet Hall – 14th July.
  • Helen Porter  - 18th September Aged 76 years



Notes From Parish Magazines

March – April 1968

Holy Baptism

  • Howard Anthony Udall – 3rd March 1968

June – July 1968


  • Elissa Howitt.  No date of burial or age

July – August 1968


  • Arthur Peacock – no date or age. A regular worshipper who put a lot of time into churchyard upkeep.

August – September 1968


  • Richard Henry Morriss. No date, no age

September – October 1968

Holy Baptism

  • Brian Peter Durow. No date

November – December 1968

Holy Baptism

  • Stephen John
  • Jenny Ellen Hunt


  • Annie Thornley, aged 74 (Markeaton Crematorium)

December – January 1968/69


  • Annie Durow, no date or age

Notes extracted from old copies of the West Hallam and Mapperley Church & Community magazines.

Elaine Sarson 2014

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