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Notes From Parish Magazines

Rector and Magazine Editor Rev. G.C.C. Spencer
The Vicar’s Warden: Mr W Hawley 2 The Coachways
The Peoples’ Warden: Mr R Martin 5 The Coachways
Hon Secretary to the Church Council: Mr  G Durow, The Limes.
Verger: Mr G Durow, The Limes
Organist: Mr Desmond Burton
Parochial Reader Mr G Bevan

March - April 1959

The first mention of a replacement church due to mining subsidence making the old church unsafe. A temporary church will be built in a field to the north and east of the present church. The building will be dedicated for us, but not consecrated, and it will be licensed for weddings

April - May 1959

The magazine records that a branch of the Women’s Institute started in Mapperley. Thursday March 19th, thirty ladies were present. Mrs Vera Powell of Manor Farm was responsible for this.

On 4th March Mrs Foster reported that the school now had 35 children on the roll. Also a National Savings Scheme has started.

A concrete path has been laid down in the new part of the churchyard. It cost the church £20

May - June 1959

April 13th 1959. At Mapperley (service) and Mackworth Crematorium. Mary Hannah Boam, aged 84 years.

Obituary says she was the village postmistress. And all her life she had been an upstanding and vocal member of the Parish Council.

In Memorium some villagers presented an oak wafer box for use at services in Holy Trinity in memory of Mrs M H Boam. Mrs Richardson, landlady of The Old Black Horse, has had the box suitably engraved. Some money was left over so two new green brocade Alms Bags were bought.

Mapperley Colliery Ambulance Team and particularly G Pearson (George) their captain won the No 5 Area Challenge Shield at the NCB headquarters.

Sunday School Festival organised for Sunday June 28th.

August - September 1959

Holy Baptism:

  • June 27th Margaret Hartshorn and Derrick Holmes.
    They later married on July 11th at Mapperley

September - October 1959


  • August 21st - Annie Maria Marsden, aged 74 years
The dedication of the temporary church will take place on Saturday September 26th at 3pm. The service will commence in the parish church with Evensong. After the third Collect, and during the singing of the hymn, the Bishop, Clergy and congregation will proceed to the new building. Services will not start immediately as mews, alter etc have to be moved from the old church and heating installed. Hoping to use before the end of the month of October or November.

October - November 1959


  • September 12th - Primrose Cook, aged 74 years


  • The deaths of Mrs A M Marsden in August and Mrs P Cook in September both aged 74. Both suffered protracted illnesses.


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