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Presentation To Retiring Headmaster

On July 17th Mr Johnson was presented with a wallet and treasury notes to mark his long period of service as headmaster of Mapperley Church School. The wallet contained notes to the value of £22 10s., and when handing it to Mr. Johnson the Vicar thanked him on behalf of all the old students of the school. Mr Johnson in reply said he would be sorry to leave, but the time for his retirement had come, and he wished to thank warmly everyone who had helped to give him such a pleasant surprise and generous parting present.

Appointment Of Headmistress

On Tuesday, July last, Mrs. M. Foster was appointed as the new headmistress of the Mapperley Church School. Mrs. Foster is a Bachelor of Arts, with an honours degree in history, and has been teaching in Hallcroft Secondary Girls’ School. She attended Manchester University.
We welcome her to her new post at Mapperley and wish her a happy period of work among us.

Sunday School Outing

Arrangements are being made for the Sunday School children to have their outing this year on Saturday, August 29th. We are trying to hire a coach to leave the village at 1 p.m. for a visit to certain places of interest in the Peak. Details will be told the children later.

Gift To Mr. Rex Hawley

At a Church Council meeting held on July 21st a presentation was made to Mr. Rex Hawley on the occasion of his marriage, and the Council expressed its good wishes for his future happiness.


We are grateful to Mr. Redgate for clipping the hedge along the south side of the churchyard and helping to improve the appearance of the churchyard from the lane.

The Coronation Celebrations

The Coronation Celebrations Committee , which has been working since last year under the chairmanship of Mr. J. Wood, end of which Mr. J Martin has been an energetic secretary, is now able to see some fruits of its labours and it can have a clearer picture of the events in the village on June 2nd.  Already two now electric light standards have been erected in Mapperley Lane. Everyone who has to use the lane at night will appreciate the wisdom of the lighting and we hope appreciation will take the form of additional donations to the Treasurer, Mr R. Martin. The events on June 2nd to include sports and tea for the children, prizes for the houses which have been decorated most effectively, a comic football match and a firework display in the evening.

It is also proposed to make some improvements to the churchyard and the character of this work will depend upon the amount of money after other expenses have been met. The grant from the Council of £30 cannot be used for work of a permanent nature such as this, but has to be spent on the festivities of the day. It is hoped the Committee will receive more and more support from  the parishioners, and that individuals will remember that the meetings - held fortnightly as a general rule - are open to them, and that suggestions and criticisms are most helpful if made to those meetings and are of no value whatever if made only at the street corner.


The congregation at Holy Communion on Easter Day will have received a new white burse and veil covering the vessels on the altar. This is the first of a set of four colours—white, red. purple, and green for use on the appropriate occasions in the Church's year. White is used at all great festivals with the exception of Whitsun; purple is used in the penitential seasons of Advent and lent; green is used during Epiphany and the Sundays after Trinity; red is used at Whitsun upon the fesat days of saints and martyrs. We are indebted to a number of people for this presentation and we would like them to accept our thanks. Mrs. Beardsley has organised this effort and we feel sure she would like to make known her gratitude for the contributions she has received. The burse and veils will all be made in Nottingham.


Ascention Day

Ascension Day, May 14th

Service for the Day School

9.30 a.m.


6.30 p.m.

Whit Sunday, May 14th

Holy Communion

9  a.m.

Children’s Service

2.30 p.m.


5.30 p.m.


Sunday preceding Her Majesty's Coronation
May 31st  1953
Holy Communion

9  a.m.

United Service in the Open Air

3  p.m.

(If wet the service will be held in the Parish Church)

5.30 p.m.

We hope the United Service will be attended by all parishioners. The collection at this service will be handed to the Coronation Committee. It is the Bishop's request that the collections at the other services on this day, Trinity Sunday, should be given towards the cost of training candidates for the Ministry.


At a meeting held in the Day School on April 26th, it was agreed that a presentation be made to Mr. Johnson on his retirement. It was also agreed that donations be handed to Mr. R. Martin, the Correspondent to the school Managers, who would also be glad to know the names and addresses of any old students of the school who had left the parish. A collection will be made in the parish after the Coronation celebrations, possibly at the end of June, but any student who reads this and would like to contribute can do so at once donations are already coming in. Another meeting will be in the Day School on Wednesday June 10th  at 7.30 p.m.


May 10    Mrs. G Pearson May       31  Mrs. Hobson
June  17  Mrs. A Udall June        7  Mrs. Bedford
June  24  Mrs. Simpson June       14  Mrs. Caypak


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