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Notes From Parish Magazines

Rector and Magazine Editor Rev. G.C.C. Spencer
The Vicar’s Warden: Mr W Hawley 2 The Coachways
The Peoples’ Warden: Mr R Martin 5 The Coachways
Hon Secretary to the Church Council: Mr B Skinner
Verger: Mr G Durow, The Limes
Parochial Reader Mr G Bevan

January – February 1964

Thanks – we are very grateful to Mrs Morgan for the gift last year of a pair of beautiful silver vases. We shall keep these for use in the new church and meanwhile we use them on festivals in the temporary building.

February – March 1964

Mr G Durow resigns as verger and replaced by Mr R Marsden

Tenders for the new church are being prepared and should be ready for submission to contractors by March.

March – April 1964

Mr W Hawley was appointed Vicar’s Warden and Mr B Skinner was appointed People’s Warden, for his services during many years of office.

Thanks was made to Mrs E Beardsley for playing the organ. This was a temporary arrangement.

April – May 1964


  • Mary Elizabeth Riley, aged 90 years - 25th March

May – June 1964

Holy Matrimony

  • Peter Duro and Barbara Enid Peacock - March 28th

The church council arranged a coach party for members of the Sunday School and any parents who wanted to accompany them on Saturday June 20th to Castleton and Buxton.

June – July 1964

Holy Baptism

  • Paul Anthony, son of Anthony and Janet Mae Martin - April 26th


  • Jane Wint, aged 83 years - May 5th

Mrs R Martin had been delivering the magazine in Mapperley for a very long time. Mrs B Skinner has now taken over.

July – August 1964

Holy Baptism

  • Sarah, daughter of Arthur and Sylvia Shooter - June 14th
  • Joanne, daughter of Anthony Reginald and Frances Udall - June 14th

Tenders for demolition of the old church and building of the new one are in the hands of a number of contractors.

October – November 1964


  • Bernard Watchorn, aged 63 years - September 5th

Now that the old church has gone and we are waiting for work to begin on the new one, the time has come to take the churchyard in hand.
Mr Arthur Peacock was appointed to work in the churchyard for a limited period each week tidying up the ground.
Because of this arrangement no animals will in future be permitted to graze in the churchyard.

November – December 1964

Tenders have been submitted from building contractors for the building of a new church. Our architect has advised the acceptance of the lowest priced tender which came from Messrs. Arthur Holmes and Sons Ltd, Derby. The contract will soon be signed.

December – January 1965

Holy Baptism

  • Brenda Elizabeth, daughter of Walter James and Joan Law - October 25th



Notes From Parish Magazines

January – February 1965

Confirmation 1964 – Four girls were confirmed in December 1964 and made their first communion on Christmas Day. They are :

  • Judith Ann Martin
  • Lesley June Hawley
  • Elaine June Richardson
  • Susan Lyn Pearson.

February – March 1965

Holy Baptism

  • Philip Colin, son of John and Dorothy Martin - January 3rd

Rebuilding of the church – the foundations are now laid. There is a large concrete platform as an additional precaution again subsidence.

March – April 1965

Mrs Martin – The death of Ruth Ann Martin at the age of 79 years has taken from the village a friend of us all, and a convinced and happy Christian.  She had a devotion to the church, which she attended and supported in every way until her death.  Her patience and kindness are a constant example to our young people of how to grow old in Christian faith and hope. We shall miss her very much.

May – June 1965


  • Edward James Marsden, aged 83 years - April 7th

We send our congratulations to the Mapperley football team on their enterprise in arranging a continental visit during the Easter holiday, and their success in beating their opponents.

October – November 1965

Holy Matrimony

  • Stenson Hardy and Katherine Winifred Hawley - Sept 29th

Holy Baptism

  • Andrew, son of Fred and Cynthia Parkes (St Wilfrid’s) - Sept 12th

November - December 1965

Holy Baptism

  • Richard Anthony, son of Billy and Jean Mollie Skinner - October 17th

The Women’s Institute donated a flowering cherry tree for the churchyard


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