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Notes From Parish Magazines

January - February 1961

Alter Flowers.  Mrs R Richardson, Mrs Powell, Mrs E Beardsley, Mrs G Durow, Mrs G Pearson

April - May 1961

Holy Matrimony

  • March 25th - Leslie Malcolm Ancliff and Shirley Anne Wood
  • April 1st  -  Billy Skinner and Jean Mollie Hawley

The Rector G C C Spencer writes about the church starting negotiations with the National Coal Board (NCB) and the church authorities to settle the claim for damages due to mining subsidence. The present wooden building being on loan from the NCB

May - June 1961

Holy Baptisms

  • April 9th Alan Christopher, son of Norman Christopher and Marie Reed.
  • April 9th - Alan, son of Leslie and Doreen Hartshorne

Sunday School Festival - Sunday June 4th
The Sunday School children will hold their annual festival and usual parade round the village.
(a total amount of £8 was collected which was better than last year)
The monthly periodical (magazine) was started in 1955 and the price is to be kept at 6d (although the cover says 3d)

June - July 1961

Holy Matrimony

  • April 30th - Ian Anthony Trueman and Janet Mary Richardson

July - August 1961

Mapperley C of E review - there had been approximately 35 children on the roll evenly divided between juniors and infants.

August - September 1961

Holy Matrimony

  • July 4th –Francis Edward Hodgkinson and Patricia Mary Wood

October - November 1961


  • August 30th - Ada Millicent Greatorex, aged 85 years

Mr and Mrs Hooper resigned from their position of church cleaners from the end of September. Mr and Mrs Peacock are taking over.

The Church And Subsidence:
A series of meetings are being held between Diocesan Officials and the NCM to work out the manner of compensation now that subsidence under the Parish Church has ceased. However smoothly these are conducted I cannot myself see any new or rebuilt church before 1963 - The Vicar

November - December 1961

Holy Matrimony

  • September 30th Trevor Riley and Kathleen Ann Peacock



Notes From Parish Magazines

January  February 1962


  • December 23rd - Henry Riley, aged 94 years

February - March 1962


  • January 13th - William Greatorex, aged 84 years

Statement of Accounts for 1961 shows income £308 1s 11d  Expenses £267 12s 1d

Negotiations are nearly complete concerning the amount of compensation to be paid by the NCB. Plans for rebuilding, or providing a new church, are under consideration.

March - April 1962

The Church Council for 1962 consists of Mrs G Durow, Mrs A Redgate, Mrs H Wood, Mrs G Simpson, Mrs C R Martin, Mrs A Martin, Mrs E Hobson, Mrs F Marsden, Mr R Marsden, Mr R Marsden, Mr G Durow, Mr G Pearson and Mr B Skinner.

April - May 1962

Holy Baptism

  • March 18th - Gary Ivan, son of Ian Anthony and Janet Mary Trueman

May - June 1962

Holy Baptisms

  • April 8th - David John, son of John Robert and Marion Appleby

Holy Matrimony

  • March 31st - Peter Sharpe and Jacqueline Audrey Frost

Dr Meade retires after 16 years and moves to Torquay

The Parochial Church Council has accepted an offer for compensation for mining subsidence.

September - October 1962

Holy Baptisms

  • August 26th - Antoinette, daughter of Anthony Reginald and Frances Udall.

Price of Magazine was 3d.

The vicar says that the churchyard will have a ground plan drawn up by a surveyor setting out the graves spaces for future years. The spaces will be numbered and match the numbers in the burial register.

The Vicars Warden - Mr. Wilf Hawley, 2 The Coachways.
The People's Warden - Mr Ron Martin, 5 The Coachways.
Hon Secretary to the Church Council - Mrs G Durow
Verger - Mr G Durow
Organist - Mr Desmond Burton

November - December 1962

Mr D (Desmond?) Burton leaves as organist at Mapperley. Rev Spencer writes “organists are not sent with the dew, nor do Vicars have a secret store upon which to draw” He appeals for everyone to make enquiries for a successor.

December 1962 - January 1963

Holy Baptisms

  • November 11th - Vivianne Julia Anita, daughter of Leslie Malcom and Shirley Anne Ancliff.


  • November 6th - Phoebe Gertrude Beale, aged 52 years.



Notes From Parish Magazines

January - February 1963

Holy Baptisms

  • December 23rd - Amanda Louise, daughter of Frank and Ciceley May Marshall

February - March 1963


  • January 16th - Edith Hawley, aged 60 years at Markeaton Crematorium.

Plan of Graveyard
A proper plan has been acquired and drawn to scale with each grave space in the new ground marked. Mr B W Mellor has very kindly made an excellent cabinet for it and it now hangs on the wall in the clergy vestry, It is now possible to number every entry in the burial register in accordance with the plan so that a proper record of all interments in the churchyard be kept,

March - April 1963


  • February 15th Albert Reginald Bancroft, aged 55 years (Unsure if this is a Mapperley Bancroft or not)

April - May 1963

Holy Baptisms

  • March 24th - Richard Paul, son of John and Dorothy Martin.

Negotiations for the new church are almost complete. The architect has made a model for clearer understanding of the project. The model will be on view in the temporary church on Easter Day.

Thanks to Mr G Bevan
Rev Spencer writes - It is, I think, a matter of principle that we should remember, from time to time, to express our thanks to Mr G Bevan for all the help he gives both Mapperley and West Hallam, especially on Sundays, but also at Festivals. He has been a great help for many years now and we ought not to take such help for granted. His continuing interest, although living now in Chaddesden, is one of the foundation stones upon which the services are arranged for these parishes.

May - June 1963

Holy Baptisms

  • April 14th - Steven James, son of Walter James and Joan Law


  • April 9th - Mary Ann Martin, aged 83 years

A welcome was made to the Rev W Vaughan that he represents the “Return of the Native”, but we can almost say it. We are very glad to see him among us in the village again and would like him to know that he will be welcome as long as he cares to stay. He must have been particularly  happy ont the 26th May, when he officiated at the Baptism at Mapperley of his grandson.

July - August 1963

Holy Baptisms

  • May 26th - Trevor Gordon, son of Gordon and Muriel Clara Durow.
  • June 16th - David Charles, son of Gordon Charles and Sheila Moore


  • June 8th - Mary Ann Fretwell, aged 74 years
  • June 8th - Hannah Birkin, aged 65 years

August - September 1963

Holy Baptisms

  • July 7th - Deborah Jayne, daughter of Raymond and Ann Doreen Haw.
  • July 7th Ann Marie, daughter of Norman Christopher and Marie Reed


  • July 4th - James Isam, aged 86 years

The vicar writes of his concerns about the church finances and asks for people to “get an idea” and make suggestions

September - October 1963


  • 19th August - Elizabeth Ann Storer, aged 76 years

Church reconstruction - We have heard from the architects that work is proceeding towards the building of the new church, and it is hoped to aim at a start on construction by next spring. Let us hope we meet with no more delays and frustrations!

October - November 1963

Holy Baptisms

  • September 8th - Joy, daughter of Stanley and Maureen Balchin

November - December 1963

It has been decided at a Parochial Church Council to use the money raised by Mrs Richardson for the purpose of organ copies of the hymn book and the psalter.

Notes extracted from old copies of the West Hallam and Mapperley Church and Community magazines.

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