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Notes From Parish Magazines

April 1976

Holy Matrimony

  • Paul Kalwa to Gillian Greatorex of 21 The Village, Mapperley, March 27th

At Rest

  • Stephen Fletcher aged 67 years, March 11th
Warm sympathy is also extended to the family of Thomas Alfred Shaw who died on Feb 27th aged 79 years.

August 1976

At Rest

  • Luther Martin of the Royal Oak who died on 27 June aged 57 years.
  • Mary Shaw of Mapperley Park Farm who died on July 19th aged 81 years
Holy Baptism
  • Neil David Robert, son of Robert and Susan Hawley of 36 Coronation Road, November 14th



Notes From Parish Magazines

January 1977

Holy Baptism

  • Richard, son of Alan and Carol Cooke of 39 Coronation Road, December 12th
Holy Matrimony
  • Paul Eric Barsby of The Limes to Tina Summerfield on Dec 11th

June 1977

June 1977

The Vicar writes of a terrible fire in the Le Duc de Brabant hotel in Brussels in which Beryl Davis and Joan Birkin died.

September 1977

At Rest

In spite of the obstinate determination with which Joseph Wood had to bear the last yrying months of his life, it is with sadness that I have to record his death on August 3rd aged 73 years. The funeral and committal took place at Markeaton Crematorium on August 9th. In recognising the willing service he gave to his community, his friends and associates would, I am sure, wish to join with me in assuring his wife and family of our sympathy and support.

Rev Ken A Vorley

November 1977

Rev Ken Vorley and wife Anne leave West Hallam after 6 years.  His new Parish being Hemingford Grey, next to St. Ives (Cambs)

Details of rate of pay for rectors and vicars is shown as follows;
£2530 a year - £49 a week. The house is free of rent, rates and repairs but usually expensive to run.



Notes From Parish Magazines

February 1978

Rev Ken Vorley, although having recently left the parish, makes a plea for old magazines prior to 1970 in order to finalise the binding of them which he started before he moved parish. Kens Induction in his new Parish of Hemingford Grey in Cambridgeshire took place on January 28th 1978 in his church of St James.

March 1978

Holy Baptism

  • February 5th Rachel Elizabeth Clifford, daughter of Richard and Judith Clifford

The Powtrell Family
(By Brenda J Hunt)

West Hallam was sold in 1467 by the Cromwell family to Thomas Powtrell, a member of the ancient Nottinghamshire family from Thrumpton, who also owned Newark Castle.

The Powtrells were responsible for the building of a new hall on the hillside, west of the church and they also rebuilt the church tower.

This family were all staunch Catholics and they suffered badly for their faith. Both Walter and his wide Cassandra were heavily fined and imprisoned for their belief. (Their tomb stands at the north side of the chancel in the church).

At a time that the Tudors instituted the Church of England almost half of the West Hallam people were Catholic and attended the chapel attached to the Hall for baptisms and Mass which was heard regularly there, the Hall being a well known hiding place for Roman Catholic priests.

It is hardly surprising that a strange legend grew up at that time about the four trees that stood on the church tower:  “At each corner over the battlements high, there grew a stunted tree, an elder, an ash and a gloomy yew, of the four were surely three. The name of the other we never knew, but its leaves had a mystic blood red hue. How they were planted, or how they strove in the stone and mortar dry, the old men knew not, though oft they strove to solve the reason why that blood red tree was planted, they guessed by the lady’s spirit that would not rest”  The lady being, of course, Cassandra Powtrell. 

West Hallam Hall was searched many times for sheltering priests and there are records of the arrest of several men including Father George Busby who had lived at the Hall for six or seven years.

The Powtrell line eventually died out when Henry Powtrell married Anne Hunloke and their children were all girls so the estate passed to the Hunloke family of Wingerworth who sold it to the Newdigate family in 1821, after nearly 140 years. 

More information about the Old Powtrell Chapel of Ease in Mapperley

And Photographs in Gallery 4

April 1978


(Taken from WHM magazine April 1978)

I’m in favour of a good education but it does have its drawbacks.  When I was at Primary School, I was told if I wanted a good job I had to go to Grammar School.  So I went.  When I was at Grammar School I was told – to get a good job – I had to go to University, - so I went.  When I was about to graduate, I was told everybody had a bachelor’s degree; to get a really good job, I had to get a Master’s degree. So I got my Master’s.  Then I was told that a Master’s would only take me so far and I should get a Doctorate.  So I did and went out for a job.  I was told they were looking for younger men.

May 1978

Rev Frank Smith writes in the magazine confirming his appointment as rector of West Hallam and Mapperley with his Induction taking place on Friday June 9th. He moves from Wornhill, Peak Forest and Peak Dale.

September 1978


  • Ida Barratt, aged 73 years



Notes From Parish Magazines

February 1979


  • December 28th 1978 George Bedford aged 86 years.
  • January 11th 1979 Phoebe Evangeline Bedford aged 78 year

May 1979


  • Charles Paxton aged 64 years, died 19th March buried 23rd March

June 1979


  • Irene Winifred Martin, aged 53 years, cremated 24th April

December 1979


  • Dorothy Fletcher, dies 26th October buried 1st November, aged 77 years


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