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Notes From Parish Magazines

Cost Of Magazine 6p.   Rev Ken Vorley

January 1974


  • September 30th 1973 (omitted from previous magazine)
    Deborah Ann, daughter of Alan and Carol Cooke.

At Rest

  • Enoch Thornley aged 79 years. (Malcolm Thornley’s father and Jessie’s Father in Law) Markeaton Crematorium, December 6th 1973
  • Robert Henry Appleby aged 65 years. (Known as Harry, husband of Mrs Annie Appleby, father to John, Graham and Keith) Markeaton, December 22nd 1973

April 1974

At Rest

  • Herbert Noel Lewis of Sandiacre, formally of Bridge Farm Mapperley. Aged 68 years, February 28th 

May 1974

Notes from Annual Church meeting held April 2nd
Mrs Betty Glover and Mr Gordon Durow have been appointed church wardens for the year while Mrs Alice Redgate and Mr Bill Skinner have agreed to continue as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. We are all most grateful for all that the last two did for the church in 1973 in their official capacity and also to Mrs Kathleen Ogden as Churchwarden last year.

As Bill Skinner has felt it necessary to give up his second ‘hat’ as a churchwarden, it is worth reminding everyone that he has served the Church in Mapperley in an official capacity continuously from six months after he came ti live in the village. He started as Secretary to the Council and has since been a Churchwarden for 9 years and also Treasurer for the last 5 years. We would all be truly grateful for this long record of service, and I am particularly glad that Bill has kindly felt able to continue as Treasurer.

June 1974

May 26th was the Children’s Church Anniversary Day and it was a warm and sunny day for the morning’s Procession through the village. A collection was made by Helen Durow and Rebecca Stone (£7.56) for the needs of mentally handicapped children.

August 1974

Mr Joseph Wood

Joe Wood’s retirement from the post of Clerk to the Mapperley School Managers was formally recognised in a short ceremony held in the school on Wednesday evening July 17th.  Thanks to the generosity of so many in the Village, it was possible to give Joe a silver tankard with the following inscription –

‘Presented to Joe Wood by the people of Mapperley and the School Managers in appreciation of his service to the community. July 17th 1974’

Owing to Joe’s unexpected admission to hospital the previous day, I, on behalf of the Village as well as the Managers, made the presentation to Mrs Mary Wood, who bravely attended the function on her own. We all wish Joe a speedy recovery and an early return home.
Rev K Vorley

At Rest

  • William Frederick Hooper of 29 Church Lane aged 75 years, June 24th

Rev K Vorley mentions that Mr and Mrs Hooper spent many years, in their younger days, looking after the old church.

Mrs Hooper wrote the following lines –

There’s an open gate
At the end of the road
Through which each must go alone,
And there in a light we cannot see
Our Father claims his own;
Beyond the gate your loved one
Finds happiness and rest
And there is comfort
In the thought
That a loving God knows best

October 1974

Maple Trees for Mapperley
The School P.T.A. were anxious to provide a tree for the Village for “The Plant a Tree in ‘73” Scheme. As tradition has it that Mapperley derived its name from the Maple Tree, the Ontario Government were approached through the Canadian Chocolate firm of Laura Secord, whose UK offices are in Ilkeston.  Three Maple trees were promised by the Ontario Government and it was hoped to set these during September. However, it was later found necessary to re-date the planting for Saturday, Nov 16th. It is hoped that the Agent General of Antario, Mr Ward Cornell and Managing Director of Laura Secord, Mr Grahame Handley, will be present for the planting at 3.30pm in the churchyard.
J R Moorley

November 1974

It is understood that Mr Alan Burton is kindly arranging a seat to be made on which a memorial plaque commemorating the Maple Tree planting will be fixed. The cost of the seat is to be borne by Laura Secord Ltd. The Canadian Candy firm. After the tree planting the PTA are holding a mini-market in the school.

Miss Kate Beale’s many friends will wish to know that I was able to see her and have quite a chat when I delivered your harvest gift to her. After a recent heart attack she has been in very poor health but had recovered sufficiently to spend much of the day in a chair.
Rev K Vorley

At Rest

  •   Clarice Elsie Beardsley, aged 77 years, November 14th

Elsie Beardsley’s  death at Ilkeston Hospital on Nov 9th marked the end of a lifetime of service to the church she loved so well and did so much for. Her life was also a fine example of sorrows and troubles cheerfully borne by one felt other people’s sadness and distress more than one might imagine. The way she recovered from her earlier stroke was typical of her indomitable spirit, and of her determination to make the best of even the most difficult situations. Although advancing years made her life physically difficult, her mind remained active and alert and full of humour, and those who came to church could be sure to hear some of the more acceptable new ‘hit’ tunes if she was playing the organ, which she continued to do even after her first stroke.

Her example of concern for others and her belief that a job was not worth doing unless done really well, is something we could all, with advantage follow.
Rev K A Vorley

Canada Comes To Mapperley

An idea that during ‘Plant a Tree Year’ maple trees should be planted in Mapperley , as the name was believed to have originated from these trees, was sparked off by Mrs F Udall at a P.T.A meeting, and so began a project which culminated in the planting of three trees donated by the Provincial Government of Ontario.

The ceremony was conducted in Mapperley churchyard on Nov 26th, and after the schoolchildren had sung “The Maple Leaf Song” the trees were planted in turn by Mr. D H Whittaker, Divisional Education Officer, Mr Mike Hildred, representing the Canadian Government and also acting for the Ontario Government and Air Canada. (responsible for flying the trees here) and mr Grahame Handley, Managing Director of Laura Secord Ltd who ha sponsored the event.

A seat made by Mr Alan Burton was also donated by the company, and two brass plaques commemorating the event and attached to the seat were made by the S E Derbyshire College of Further Education.

After being welcomed at the school including sprays of flowers  for the ladies, and the presentation by Mr Hildred of two sashes similar to those worn by early Canadian settlers, and the distribution by Mr Handley of traditional Canadian candy to pupils and ex pupils. Mrs Whittaker opened the mini market. This raised £30 fro school funds.

Canadian project work by the children, including totem poles, Indian masks, maps and charts, adorned the classrooms adding colour to an enjoyable day, while Mrs Udall was presented with a spray of flowers from the children for having started the project.

In addition to expressing our appreciation to the Ontario Government and Air Canada for the maple trees, our thanks also go to Mr John Moorley for his excellent liaison work. Indeed, thanks to all who made this such a memorable day, not forgetting the gift of the seat by Laura Secord Ltd.
Bill Skinner.



Notes From Parish Magazines

April 1975

Holy Matrimony

  • Kevin John Tice of Mickleover to Karen Miles of Chapel Cottage, March 8th
  • Ronald Kirkman of Marlpool to Elaine Margaret Brough of Park Villas, March 22nd 
At Rest
  • Kate Beale aged 81 years, formally of 42 The Village, March 24th

June 1975

A generous gift was received from Mrs Ethel Isam to the church of a silver Communion Wafer Box in memory of her husband J William Isam. The Dedication of the gift took place on June 1st. Members of the Ilkeston Male Voice Choir attended the service singing a number of items for the occasion in grateful remembrance of all that Mr. Isam did for them when he was their conductor in the days when they were known as the Ilkeston Co-operative Male Voice Choir.

July 1975


  • Andrew Christopher, son of Aubrey and Jean Marsden, December 1st 1974. (omitted from earlier record)

December 1975


  • Rosemary Elizabeth, daughter of James and Christine Woodward of head House farm, November 23rd


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